Privacy Policy

EvoLaw, LLC’s (“EvoLaw”) Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) controls:

(i) EvoLaw’s data collection procedures;

(ii) privacy issues that relate to your access, review, and/or use of EvoLaw’s website located at (the “Website”); and

(ii) privacy issues that relate to your access, review, and/or use of EvoLaw’s documents, agreements, reports, forms, formation services, marketing materials, tools, software, content, updates, information, notifications, document vault, and 5-Minute Business Risk Analysis (collectively, the “Features”).

As set forth in this Policy, “you(r)(s)” or “user(s)” shall mean and refer to an EvoLaw customer or a visitor to the Website.  Further, “we,” “us,” and “our” shall mean and refer to EvoLaw and the defined term EvoLaw shall also mean and refer to EvoLaw’s members, managers, officers, attorneys, employees, independent contractors, affiliates, and agents.  Your access, review, and/or use of EvoLaw’s Website and/or Features shall constitute your acceptance of EvoLaw’s Privacy Policy and our corresponding Terms and Conditions of Service and any modifications EvoLaw, at its sole discretion, elects to make in the future.


  1. EvoLaw and the Collection of Your Information. EvoLaw may, from time to time, collect at least the following information from you while you access, review, and/or use EvoLaw’s Website or its Features: (i) full legal name; (ii) mailing address; (iii) telephone number; (iv) e-mail address; (v) credit card information; (vi) age (vii) gender (viii) document preference (ix) IP address (x) time of access (xi) browser type (xii) third-party referring website addresses (xiii) domain name(s). EvoLaw collects this information to better serve you.
  1. Why We Collect Your Information. In addition to providing you with a better user experience, EvoLaw may also use the information it collects to notify about your account, special offers, newsletters, solicitations, reminders, updates, and/or billing related information.  As such, by accessing, reviewing, and/or using EvoLaw’s Website and/or Features, you expressly authorize EvoLaw to send you such information.

2.1.      We Do Not Sell or “Rent Out” Your Personal Information.  Under no circumstances does EvoLaw ever sell and/or “rent out” the information we collect from you to any third-parties.  However, we may transmit your personal information to third-parties who assist us in providing you with our Features and/or services.  And, such third-parties are: (i) bound by this Policy; and (ii) are expressly prohibited from selling and/or “renting out” your personal information to unauthorized third-parties.

2.2.      Web Beacons.  EvoLaw may use web beacons to collect your information.  Please note, even if EvoLaw is in receipt of a “no track” or “do not track” output signal from your browser, this will have no impact on whether or not EvoLaw collects your personal information. Further, EvoLaw may employee third-parties who conduct data analytics on our behalf.  As such, they may collect your personal information regarding your online activities.   EvoLaw may may share “browser-level data” through various third party vendor tracking (e.g., Google Analytics, etc.). However, an EvoLaw user may opt out of this by going to Google’s opt-out page (or utilizing Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out tool).

2.3.      Potential Disclosure.  EvoLaw may, in its sole discretion, disclose your personal information to government officials, law enforcement, to comply with a legal request (for example, a subpoena, order of the court, warrant, etc.) and/or other regulatory agencies.  Further, EvoLaw may, in its sole discretion, share and/or disclose your personal information for any of the following reasons: (i) to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Service; (ii) to enforce this Policy; (iii) to enforce any obligation that may be due and owing to EvoLaw; (iv) to protect our users and/or visitors; an/or (v) to protect another from physical harm and/or death.

2.4.      Personal Information.  EvoLaw may, at its sole discretion, disclose your personal information, as a result of any acquisition, merger, financing deal, company asset sale, insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership appointment.  However, before doing so, EvoLaw may attempt to notify you before the disclosure occurs.  At that time, you may have an opportunity to “opt out” of the information sharing.

  1. EvoLaw’s Use of Cookies. EvoLaw’s Website may, from time to time, use a tracking devise that is commonly referred to as a “cookie” to assist us in providing you with a more unique/customized user experience.
  1. Protection of Your Personal Information. EvoLaw employs commercially reasonable security measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your personal information and/or your account information. However, we cannot and do not guarantee that such measures will be sufficient to protect against all attempts to gain unauthorized access to that information.  As such, you expressly agree to provide us with your personal information at your own risk.  You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for protecting your username and password.  Further, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any and all authorized and/or unauthorized activity on your account by any third-party or third-parties.  However, should you become aware of any unauthorized activity on your account, you are required to immediatly notify EvoLaw.
  1. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We are committed to complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  EvoLaw’s Website and Feature are not directed to children under the age of 13, and EvoLaw does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If we receive personal that we discover was provided by a child under the age of 13, we will promptly destroy such information.  If you would like to learn more about COPPA, visit the Federal Trade Commission home page at